Boston University Lodge was granted its charter from the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts on October 8th, 1925. It was a very popular and active Lodge on the University’s campus and throughout the Boston community.

Many prominent members of the Faculty and Staff composed its membership. President Daniel Marsh was a founding member and one of its most active contributors. He was joined by President Harold Case, Everett Lord (credited as the founder of SMG), Joseph Perry (University Treasurer, and Past Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts), Ralph Lowell (Trustee), William Lombard (Trustee), and countless other Vice Presidents, Directors, and Deans at the University. The two founders of the Interfaith Chapel at University Hospital (now part of BMC/BUMC) were Leicester Potter and David Oler.

The Lodge thrived throughout the first 50 years of its existence as men flowed to fraternities in search of the camaraderie they knew during the WWI and WWII periods. At its peak, there were over 275 Members. The Lodge provided annual lectures on campus, services of divine worship at Marsh Chapel, family nights, charity events, and much more.

Unfortunately, just like many fraternal organizations, interest ebbed in the 1980′s and 1990′s. As a result, the Lodge became less active on campus and eventually gave its charter back to the Grand Lodge in August 1999. At this time, nearly $20,000 was donated to the University’s Library for the installation of personal computers to be used for researching and studies; a memorial plaque hangs in the African studies wing.

In 2008, a few Members of other Lodges in Massachusetts that worked at the University set out on a journey to bring the Lodge back to prominence. Two such men were Richard Silverman, a Past Master of the Lodge prior to its surrender of the original charter, and James Howard, now a Past Master of the Lodge. These two men met for coffee on campus and started pulling together other Masons that worked or studied as Terriers. Slowly but surely, they were joined by over forty men who wished to see the Lodge re-born. In fact, on June 23rd, 2012 the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts returned the Lodge’s charter to a roster of 46 Members.

The Lodge has ambitious goals to increase that number and return to their former glory. We now have more than 60 members and continue to welcome new men into our fraternity. We work closely with the University to develop programs on campus which were once in place, from participation in interfaith services at Marsh Chapel, lectures on Fraternalism in American Culture, blood drives, social events, and more! These are exciting times for the Lodge, and we invite you to join us!